Standard Site Plan Conditions

Site plan conditions are typically necessary for high-density office, residential or mixed-use developments that are approved at or near the allowable maximum height or density. Increased density, height or other modifications can have an impact on the surrounding community and site plan conditions help to mitigate these impacts.

The County’s Standard Site Plan Conditions were revised in July 2013. The changes will improve effectiveness from both a construction and monitoring perspective and will allow the public to review the status of site plan projects online once the County’s new permitting software is implemented. Changes or additional site plan conditions may be recommended to reflect the impacts of a specific project or the County’s plans and policies for a particular area.

Site plan conditions:

  • Ameliorate a project’s impacts on surrounding property, as well as any additional height and/or density or other bonuses that may be approved or modifications to Zoning Ordinance standards proposed by a developer;
  • Ensure that a project substantially complies with County plans and policies and Zoning Ordinance regulations for a particular area; or
  • Are in exchange for bonuses and other benefits approved as part of the project.


Tom Miller

Samia Byrd