Rosslyn Gateway

Site Plan #419


Within the Rosslyn Coordinated Redevelopment District and bounded by Lee Highway to the north, North Moore Street to the east, 19th Street North to the south and Fort Myer Drive to the west.

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This reports the status related to the 4.1 Site Plan Process only -- not the status of building or construction permits.

This project was approved by the County Board on July 24, 2012.

About the Project

The applicant, JBG/Rosslyn Gateway North, L.L.C, proposes to redevelop to a Phased Development Site Plan (PDSP).

Proposed project details:

  • Consolidate SP #39 and SP #54;
  • Develop a 24-story building with 488,980 square feet of office space and 7,909 square feet of ground floor retail use;
  • Develop a 25-story building consisting of 172, 663 square feet of residential use (133 units), 133,952 square feet of hotel use (148 units) and 10,001 square feet of ground-retail use;
  • Request modification of use for parking ratios, tandem parking spaces, compact parking percentage, loading spaces, drive aisle widths, landscape open space, and density exclusions for storage, mechanical shafts and closets below grade; and
  • Vacate public right-of way and County-owned street and utility easements.

Additional Information

The Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC), a Planning Commission subcommittee makes decisions about private development in Arlington. A complete list of meeting schedules, reports, presentations and drawings are available on the SPRC website.

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