Site Plan #105


Bounded by Army Navy Drive between South Fern and South Eads Streets, next to the Marriott Residence Inn in Pentagon City.

The site lies at the northeastern portion of both the Pentagon City Coordinated Development District established in 1974 and the Pentagon City PDSP boundary established by the Pentagon City Master Plan in 1976.

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This reports the status related to the 4.1 Site Plan Process only -- not the status of building or construction permits.

This project was approved by the County Board on September 21, 2013.

About the Project

Open Space Network Planning Process

The PenPlace Open Space Network Concept (“OSN Concept”) public planning process has been completed and the proposed OSN Concept  will be presented to the County Board in July as an addendum to the PenPlace Design Guidelines and will be titled the PenPlace Open Space Design Guidelines Addendum July 2014.  A public planning process gathered input from community members and stakeholders to determine the preferred recreational use and design of three open spaces in the development: the 10th Street Plaza, Central Green and the 12th Street Plaza.

The proposed OSN Concept includes an open lawn; a prominent walkway that extends from the 12th Street Plaza through the inner Central Green and ends at the 10th Street Plaza; a café; water elements; sculptures; seasonal plantings and children’s play areas. The open spaces will provide a respite for pedestrians, workers and residents. The design and size of the spaces will accommodate community events and outdoor markets.

A modified OSN Concept was developed concurrently, which accommodates a setback requirement if a secure building is built in the B-West parcel.

Participants in the planning discussions were also asked to provide ideas for the community facility that will be located in either the A-East or the B-East building. Proposed uses include:

  • Multi-dimensional facility (combination of recreational, performance and restaurant)
  • Community center with multipurpose community rooms, art/hobby studio space, exercise/gym space, daycare and senior facilities
  • Library
  • Auditorium/theater
  • University (satellite/outpost)
  • Garden shop

More Information

On Sept. 21, 2013, the County Board approved PenPlace, a mixed-use, phased development site plan that will bring nearly 2 million square feet of offices, ground-floor retail businesses, a hotel and the option of up to 300 residential units to the largest parcel of undeveloped land in Pentagon City.

PenPlace is north of the Metropolitan Park phased-development site plan, a 16-acre, mixed-use project that is in its fifth phase of construction. The PenPlace phased development, as proposed by Vornado/Charles E. Smith for the 10.2 acre site, would occur over many years with future development proposals going through the final site plan approval process and requiring public review and approval by the County Board.

Phased Development Site Plan

The Board voted to adopt and amend the ordinance to the Pentagon City Phased Development Site Plan (PDSP) as follows:

  • Up to 1,809,000 square feet of office, 300 hotel units, an option for 300 residential units (in lieu of equivalent office density) and 50,000 square feet of retail.
  • Transfer of density and development rights totaling 610,951 square feet from five County-owned properties located along Long Bridge Drive; and transfer of density and development rights from the "Teardrop Parcel" for an additional 60,000 square feet on the Pen Place site.
  • Establishment of design guidelines for future site plans.
  • Recognition of the strategic location of the Pen Place PDSP for the possible future development of a secure facility.

New Open Space Network and Streets

The development includes three connected open spaces within the block. To activate the site, a future community facility of up to 20,000 square feet is planned. The facility will be located on the ground floor and within steps from the Central Green open space. The existing superblocks between the two sites will be broken up with planned new streets and sidewalks, creating a lively, pedestrian-friendly environment. Two new east and west streets, 11th Street South and 10th Street South, and Elm Street, a new north and south street, will run through the Pen Place site.

The 12th Street South between Fern Street and Eads Street will be completed by the developer. This new roadway will become the main connection between Pentagon City and Crystal City. Considered the “Primary Transit” street, 12th Street South has dedicated high-frequency transit service between Pentagon City and Potomac Yards and between Columbia Pike and Pentagon City.

Documents and Plans

Urban Design Guidelines are typically developed in conjunction with Phased Development Site Plan (PDSP) proposals and are used to guide future development of individual buildings, open space and transportation networks. 

Draft Design Guidelines

Other Resources

Additional Information

The Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC), a Planning Commission subcommittee makes decisions about private development in Arlington. A complete list of meeting schedules, reports, presentations and drawings are available on the SPRC website.

SPRC Past Meeting Documents