2401 Wilson Blvd.

Site Plan #404


Located between Wilson Boulevard, North Adams Street, 16th Street North and North Barton Street. Former Kitty O'Shea Pub site.

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This reports the status related to the 4.1 Site Plan Process only -- not the status of building or construction permits.

This project was approved by the County Board on Mar. 15, 2014.

About the Project

The applicant, 2401 Wilson LLC, proposes a change to the General Land Use Plan (GLUP), a rezoning and approval of a site plan for a 161-room hotel with a ground floor restaurant. The site currently contains a strip retail center with surface parking.

Proposed project details:

  • Change GLUP designation of the site from “Service Commercial” to “Medium Office-Apartment-Hotel;”
  • Rezone the site from “C-2” to “C-O-2.5;” and
  • Construct an eight-story, 161-room hotel with 80 parking spaces, and ground-floor retail including a bar and café associated with the hotel and a separately-leased restaurant space.

The applicant is also requesting a use permit for a Unified Residential Development (URD) consisting of four single-family detached dwellings on the residentially zoned land behind the proposed hotel, where there are currently four older single-family dwellings. This land is currently zoned “R-6” and will not be rezoned.

Additional Information

The Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC), a Planning Commission subcommittee makes decisions about private development in Arlington. A complete list of meeting schedules, reports, presentations and drawings are available on the SPRC website.

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