1900 Crystal Drive

Site Plan #421


Crystal City Sector Plan Area

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This reports the status related to the 4.1 Site Plan Process only -- not the status of building or construction permits.

This project was approved by the County Board on Sept. 15, 2012.

Press Release

About the Project

The applicant, Vornado/Charles E. Smith, proposes a series of applications to develop a 24-story office building with ground floor retail use.

Proposed project details:

  • Demolish the Mall III office building (401,935 square feet); and
  • Replace it with a 24-story building consisting of ground floor retail (11,290 square feet) and up to 719,704 square feet of office space.

This is the first site plan filed since the Crystal City Sector Plan was adopted.  In conformance with the provisions of the “C-O-Crystal City” zoning district, the applicant has filed a Crystal City Block Plan which analyzes options for ultimate redevelopment of the entire block. 

Additional Information

The Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC), a Planning Commission subcommittee makes decisions about private development in Arlington. A complete list of meeting schedules, reports, presentations and drawings are available on the SPRC website.

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