10th Street Flats



Address: 3132 10th Street North

The site is located at the corner of 10th Street North and North Highland Street in Clarendon.  The subject block is bound on the north by 10th Street North, on the east by North Highland Street, on the south by 9th Road North and on the west by a public alley that bisects the block. The residents of this area are represented by the Clarendon and Courthouse Civic Association and the Ashton Heights Civic Association.

Sector Plan Area: The site is identified as “Block 41” in the Clarendon Sector Plan.


Under Review

This reports the status related to the UCMUD review process only -  not the status of building or construction permits.

About the Project

Clark Realty Capital proposes an UCMUD Use Permit to develop a five-story, mixed-use building with:

  • 136 residential units;
  • 9 live/work units;
  • 3,660 square feet of retail;
  • 4,835 square feet of office;
  • 157 parking spaces;
  • approximately 6,274 square feet of GFA on-site for dedicated affordable housing units; and
  • LEED Gold certification.