Arlington Initiative to Rethink Energy

The Arlington Initiative to Rethink Energy (AIRE) supports Arlington residents, businesses and government in working towards smart energy use.  AIRE has an ongoing list of projects that focus on improvements to County-owned resources like buildings, vehicles and street lights. Additionally, the Green Building Program supports the design, construction and operation of high-performance buildings that reduce environmental impacts in our community.

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The BikeArlington Program makes physical enhancements to bicycle infrastructure, including trails and streets. Program projects include new construction of multiuse trails, trail renovations and safety improvements, expansion of bike lanes and other on-street facilities, installation of bike parking, and bike networking wayfinding.

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Commercial Revitalization

The Commercial Revitalization Program provides for targeted commercial revitalization within specific commercial areas throughout Arlington. A strategic geographical focus helps maximize our capital investments and enhance our image. This program incorporates the previous Streetscaping, Utility Undergrounding and Business Conservation Program.

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Community Development

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program provides federal funding for a wide range of affordable housing and eligible human services programs to benefit low- and moderate-income persons. CDBG funds contribute to Arlington’s Community Development Fund, which issues a competitive annual grant application process and is combined with Community Services Block Grant and Affordable Housing Investment Funds.

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Complete Streets

The Complete Streets Program focuses on multimodal projects integrated with adjacent community uses. Program projects include intersection or interchange improvements, new street links, major corridor reconstruction and neighborhood street improvements.

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Historic Preservation

The Historic Preservation Program recognizes and protects locally and nationally designated sites located in Arlington. The program guides development through the Historic Preservation Master Plan and the Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board.

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Housing programs focus on developing, supporting and maintaining Arlington’s world-class urban communities. The County works to provide housing services and strategically plan for affordable housing, housing development and community development.

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Neighborhood Conservation

The Neighborhood Conservation Program provides funding for a variety of capital improvement projects including installation of sidewalks, curbs and gutters, street lights, park improvements, neighborhood art, and beautification.

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Public Art

Arlington's Public Art Program, administered by Arlington Economic Development, develops, launches and installs public art projects commissioned by the County to be integrated into various capital improvement projects, by developers as part of the site plan process or initiated by communities.

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Stormwater Management

The Stormwater Management Program controls stormwater runoff. Projects include maintaining and replacing stormwater infrastructure, stream restoration, adding stormwater treatment facilities like green streets and watershed retrofits.

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The Transit Program improves transit facilities, reduces costs, increases utilization of Metrobus and rail transit services in the County, and assists with the integration of existing transit facilities into surrounding communities.

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Vehicle Decal Fee

The Vehicle Decal Fee Program funds four project areas: complete Streets, technology enhancements, regulatory and directional signage, and Capital Bikeshare installations.

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The WalkArlington Program makes physical enhancements to sidewalk and street infrastructure. Program projects include arterial street sidewalk upgrades, transit-access improvements, safe routes to schools enhancements, and stand-alone safety and accessibility upgrades. The program primarily focuses on arterial streets and commercial areas, which are generally not covered by the Neighborhood Conservation Program.

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Water & Sewer Infrastructure

The Water and Sewer Infrastructure Program provides and maintains water deliverysanitary sewer collection, and wastewater treatment systems, and that the Water Pollution Control Plant meets model discharge standards.

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