Private Development

Development Use Permits

Our Zoning Ordinance distinguishes between uses permitted “by-right” and uses allowed by “special exception.” The use permit is one form of special exception. For private development, it applies to:

Recently Approved

Site Plan Review Projects

Most significant private and public-private projects in Arlington County are developed through a site plan process that ensures proper reviews, public processes and compliance with applicable policies and ordinances. This process carefully reviews new private development or redevelopment in certain zoning districts that request special exceptions to the County’s land-use and zoning policies.

Prelim Map 2Preliminary Development Proposals

Preliminary development proposals are in the earliest stages of the site plan process. During this stage, staff review draft applications to ensure that they meets technical filing requirements. Developers are also encouraged to present the proposed development to the affected civic associations and neighbors to identify potential issues.




Prelim mapActive Site Plan Applications

Active site plans have submitted formal applications for approval and are in various stages of the review process. In addition to internal reviews with staff, plans will be reviewed by the Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) prior to being presented at public hearings before both the Planning Commission and the County Board. They are subject to change until the County Board approves the final plan. Refer to individual site plan pages for the current status of each project.

approved mapRecently Approved Site Plans

The following site plans have completed the site plan review process. They have been approved for development and can move on to permitting and construction, which is managed by Zoning and Inspection Services. Zoning continues to monitor site plan conditions for the life of the site plan. Note: Approval status relates to the 4.1 Site Plan Process only – not the status of permits.