Fort Ethan Allen Park

Children learning about the historic Fort Ethan Allen

Children using the new interpretive signs to learn about the layout of Fort Ethan Allen at a spring open house event celebration.

Fort Ethan Allen is one of three surviving forts from the Civil War. The old fort walls have long been removed and has been serving the community as a park. Even though the site has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a Local Historic District, it was missing site interpretation. This project implemented a comprehensive interpretive plan that tells the story of this historically significant place and brings an educational component to the park, along with landscaping and ADA-improvements.

Project Details

Tracking: Fort Ethan Allen Interpretive Project N513

Location: Military Road and Old Glebe Road

Funding: $485,100

Status: Completed

Completion: Spring 2014

Video of the Unveiling:

Completed Improvements

  • Three viewing areas were constructed with historical site interpretation signs, with new walkways connecting these areas.
  • ADA-compliant sidewalks were installed and invasive plants were removed around fort features, along with archeological excavation work.
  • A chain link fence along Old Glebe Road was replaced with a new fence.
  • Interpretive elements include a bronze, scale model of the original fort; and a recreated single gun platform, magazine and cannon.
  • Interpretative signage identify and relate to the existing landscape earthworks that remain.

Additional Materials